The Legalities Of Possum Removal: What You Need To Know

Is It Legal To Trap Possum?

If your home is infested with possums and you think of removing it. At this time, the first question which came into your mind was- Is it legal to trap possums? So, the answer to this question is Yes, it is legal to trap possums only in the case when it causes a nuisance on your property. Even in this case, only certified and licensed professionals can catch possums on your property. You have no right to trap possums outside your property as they are protected by law. Also, inside your property, you have no right to kill or harm them in any way. Hence, the best way to remove them safely from your property is to hire a certified professional for this work who has the authority to do so and work in accordance with government-prescribed regulations.

The Legalities Of Possum Removal What You Need To Know

Legalities Of Possum Trapping

As the government is very concerned about saving the species of possums, they prescribe certain laws, rules, and regulations regarding the trapping and releasing of possums. These are given below:


Some licences or permits must be necessary before trapping possums. These permits should be carried out or issued before the removal of possums. You have to fulfil many requirements before issuing a licence or permit and after issuing if any conditions are given, you have to obey them. You can get these permits from the Department For Environment And Heritage of your area.

About Trapping Possums

If you are not able to properly trap possums, it becomes a very stressful situation as they try to save their life from you and become threatened, and in such cases, they get harmed and distressed. You have to give emphasis on the following points:

  • You have to perform a trap very safely to provide protection for possums from predators.
  • The amount of time the possum will spend in the trap should be in accordance with the laws.
  • It is very important to prevent them from various environmental effects which may be very dangerous for them as they cannot resist sometimes.
  • Your trap must be stable and secured which prevents possums from any type of injuries.
  • The trap must not grip any parts of the animal’s body.
  • You can get possum traps from your local councils where they are available on loans or rent.
  • An ideal trap size including length, breadth, and height is prescribed by the government. You should follow this only.

Conditions of Trapping

There are certain conditions prescribed by the government for possum trapping which are given below:

  • After trapping possums, you have to keep them in a quiet place and the trap must be covered with a cloth or a bag.
  • None of the traps is checked two hours after sunrise.
  • Possums must not be trapped at night.
  • Arrangements are made so that they feel comfortable inside the trap.
  • There should be an arrangement of food and water inside the trap.

Your Actions After Trapping The Possums

If possums attack your property killing them with poisoned bait, using a lethal trap or shooting is not the only way to get rid of them. You can trap these nuisance pests and relocate them to some other place that suits them. It is the standard recommended way to do so. As the law suggests only professional wildlife control practitioners are allowed to relocate them.

The legalities do not end here only. But you have to follow certain legal rules even after trapping possums. These are shown here:

  • Possums cannot be released during the day as this increases their stress due to which they must have some chance of being attacked and injured.
  • You should take into consideration the location where you are going to relocate them. The location must be safe and have sufficient food availability for them. Woody areas should be preferred.
  • According to the law, the trapped possum should not be present for more than 24 hours in the trap. 
  • There is a prohibition for the relocation of Brushtail possums.
  • Possums should relocate after sunset and not more than 50 metres from the capture site so that they do not feel comfortable.
  • Possums should be relocated very far away from the localities because they litter everywhere with their droppings, eat the food of your pets, make unwanted noises, etc.

Hence, proper care must be taken while releasing possums.

Finishing Words

After knowing all the legalities of possum removal, it is not legal to trap possums but in certain cases and some authorities have the right to do so. You are sure that possum removal is tricky and proper care needs to be taken so that you cannot be questioned on any legal matters. To get the perfect solution to this problem, you have to do dedicated research and perform extensive studies about their behaviours. Possum trapping not only requires experience, intelligence, and skills but also legal permits are necessary for it. You should also take care of them after trapping them. It is always suggested that do not handle this legal issue alone, and always take the help of certain legally approved authorities.