Possum Removal Methods

Get Rid of The Possum Issue Using Our Expert and Ethical Methods

By getting into gardens, shops, parks, and residences, these animals can seriously threaten daily life in the community. In these situations, possum removal is crucial to sustaining both a healthy environment and a way of life. To guarantee that the ecosystem is not harmed, the most environmentally friendly possum removal methods must be used. We have put in place several measures to make sure that our possum removal services are as sustainable as possible since we recognize the value of protecting possums.

We safely and effectively remove possums from homes and businesses in a way that causes the least amount of interruption. It includes capturing in a cage, exclusion fencing, and other methods. Each issue will be evaluated individually by our team of skilled professional possum catchers to establish the best line of action for productive possum removal. With over 1000+ successful possum captures under their belts; our team has many professionals. Our staff is made up of certified technicians with extensive work history.

Possum Removal Methods Service

Possum Box Setup Can Save You

Possums and other marsupials can find a safe and secure haven in possum boxes. They are often put in place in a protected area close to a food and water source where possums congregate. It can be placed in several locations. Possums and other marsupials can be protected and conserved in your region by installing possum boxes.

  • Installation of a possum cage atop a tree
  • Installation of a possum cage on the roof
  • Installation of a possum cage in your garden
  • Installation of a possum cage in your backyard
  • Installation of a possum cage under a deck
  • Installation of a possum nest box

Humane Possum Capture Method

Create A Cage: You need to build a cage that local possums will find comfortable. You must verify the cage’s dimensions.

Set The Bait: They are seeking food when they arrive. Their favourite food can be used as bait in the box. They’ll be drawn to this right away.

We don’t need to force them inside the cage: just wait and watch. If they don’t immediately enter the cage, you should wait and watch.

Method for Removing Dead Possums

It is preferable to get in touch with your neighbourhood possum control or trash management department if you find a dead possum in your home so that it can be properly removed. You can also contact us to have a dead possum removed. We can remove dead possums safely and effectively since we have the required tools and expertise. If this is not available, you can also put the possum in a Ziploc bag while wearing gloves and using a shovel or other similar equipment, and then place the bag in a garbage can that has a tight-fitting lid. Make sure to clean any instruments or surfaces which come in contact with the possum, as well as your hands.

Possum Control Precautions

  • By scrutinising each piece of the ridge cap, particularly the corner pieces, and glueing them as necessary, you can ensure its security.
  • Examining, if required, resetting, and cementing roof tile close to the spouting.
  • Examining any obvious entrance points to look for possums that may be hiding among the tiles.
  • Seal and fill the openings as well.
  • Setting traps around the essential areas after investigating each eave and doing any necessary proofing.
  • examining the gables and, if needed, repointing them to prevent future possum problems.
  • Baiting can be used to manage rats, which typically coexist alongside a possum infestation.
  • Please keep in mind that since they are always open, they can also infiltrate through ceilings and subfloors.