Yes, we do offer the possum removal service for roofs. The most suitable option is fencing. Hence, fencing will prevent the possums from entering your house. Our team is specialized in removing possums from ceiling and roofs with safety.
Yes, you can reach us for 365 days of possum removal service in any emergency. We are active on public holidays and weekends too. Also, we charge reasonably for emergency services.
In the dark, you can experience the possums fighting and making noise. You can also observe the possum droppings and can feel a foul smell. They can also lead to damages to your property. Your pets can also be seen vigilant to subfloors or ceilings in search of possum.
The cost of possum removal varies based on location, property size, number of possums and removal methods. The average cost is between $250-$500, you can get a quote from a professional for accurate estimate.