Here Are 8 Ways To Get Rid Of Possums

Possums are insects which are very small in size. Possum word is an English word which is derived from opium which means a “white animal” in Powhatan which is native language of America. These are of different kinds which includes Brushtail possums. These are mostly in Australia. They have a long and thick tail with a prehensile tip and a furless patch on the underside. These live in between human areas. They don’t like solitary places where they can also harm humans.

They have the ability to feed on plants but they mostly make insects their prey. Also, they eat small invertebrates and eggs. Another species is ringtails which stays in drays which is their home. These are mostly found in trees, their branches and hollows. They always remain in a group. They reproduce mostly in the rainy season. These are some types of Possums. Later we would talk about more but now we have to focus on how to remove them.

Here Are 8 Ways To Get Rid Of Possums

8 Ways To Get Rid Of Possums

There are many pest removal ways to get rid of Possums but here we gonna talk about some of them. 

  1. Firstly we should place motion activated lights in the perimeter of the house, garden or other property. This light is on the sensor facility. Once the Possums cross these lights then they get turned on and the Possums who are afraid of humans start going out of your house.
  2. Another is a water sprinkler, this can be used for mature Possums as they will frighten from water. 
  3. Next way is by collecting hairs of your pet fog or letting the cat. These hairs will produce a smell through which Possums understand that there is a predator who could eat them and they will automatically go out of your house. Please be attentive that your pet dogs and pet cats are not moving freely because it can cause a dangerous fight between Possums and dogs or cats.
  4. Another you can use ammonia or garlics because Possums run away from the smell of these items. You can put ammonia balls in the can so that possums will get away from your house.
  5. You can also crush garlic which can be beneficial. It is the best home remedy for possum removal.
  6. In the next method you can use repellent spray. You can get these sprays from nearby shops. Use this spray as mentioned in the label. Also be careful while using it and only spray it on desired areas. This contains a urine repellent element which removes Possums.
  7. Another way is very simple and useful. In this way you should avoid providing food to Possums. Always keep food items in the refrigerator or covered so that possums could not reach that food. 
  8. Always maintain cleanliness in your house. Everyone should check their vents because these are mostly used places by Possums to enter in a house so keep these vents covered with metal vent covers.

If all these ideas are not beneficial then you should call pest control services.